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This course is intended for educators who have limited knowledge of PAT Early Years. This course explains PAT Early Years terminology, describes the purpose of all aspects of PAT Early Years reports, and uses case studies to give practical teaching strategies to improve student learning.

There is no recommended prior learning.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of PAT Early Years terminology
  • Analyse students’ Early Years reports
  • Use students’ data to inform next steps in planning your classroom practice

AITSL Professional Standards for teachers:

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5.4 Interpret student data, at the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher levels. 

Course in detail:

This course is delivered in online mode and consists of one module and one learning assurance task (analyse student reports). It describes Early Years literacy and numeracy, and the rationale for Early Years assessment. It explains the developmental approach to teaching and learning and how PAT Early Years assessment reports can inform next steps in teaching and learning. It gives examples of reports, and explains how to analyse the data they contain. Finally, participants are able to apply their new knowledge and skills by completing a learning assurance task directly related to the participants’ work context.

This course has a dedicated facilitator to support participants. Participants can also ask specific questions of PAT Early Years subject matter experts. Participants can log on to access the course at their own convenience, and can engage in asynchronous discussions about the content.

Learning assurance task:

  • Analyse a PAT Early Years report with reference to three students
  • Delivery mode: online

Time and duration: 3 hours of online coursework, 4 hours of practical application of course content over approximately 4 weeks.

Resources:  All resources are included in the course